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Crunch is a personal finance app that empowers individuals to manage their money in a quick and efficient way through a safe & secure platform.

Your Net Worth



Salary & Wages

+25,000 AED

  • Income $10,800
  • Expense $8,500
  • Savings $2,300
FAB Current Account
91,255.16 AED
Food & Drink Budget
$720 $800
Starbucks Coffee
19th • Food & Dining, Coffee
-38.00 AED

Sync your bank accounts, get a global view of your finances, track your net worth over time

See your balances and transactions in one place without having to log into multiple bank apps. Easily search transactions and have them automatically categorized. Group accounts any way you want; color-coding them for ease.

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Stay on track with your budgets and boost your savings by knowing exactly where your money goes

Set and stick to your own spending limits by always knowing how much you have remaining in each of your customised budgets. Track what matters most to you and avoid overspending, with a quick-view budget progress bar showing where you are against where you want to be, in real-time.

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Get valuable insights and benchmark with your peers to make healthier financial decisions

Understand your financial health with personal insights such as category breakdowns, cashflow charts, net worth history over time, or your top 3 expenses/incomes. Benchmarking insights also help you understand your performance compared to your peers to smartly plan for your future goals.

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Crunch prioritizes security and privacy. We use bank-grade level encryption and safety measures to protect your data. We have also partnered with regulated 3rd parties to manage your bank access and ensure that nobody will ever see, store, access, or use your credentials.

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For a limited time only...get 2 months free!

Monthly subscription

19.99 AED

Yearly subscription

199.99 AED

Features you unlock when you subscribe to premium:

Unlimited Bank Syncs

Get unlimited bank syncs of all your accounts and cards to get 24/7 visibility on your financials

Personal & Benchmarking Insights

Full unrestricted access to insights for a complete understanding of your financial performance

Multiple Manual Budgets

Create multiple flexible budgets to stay in control and monitor your progress

Upcoming Bills Detection

Let Crunch track your upcoming bills, know when they are due, and avoid unwanted subscriptions

Currently available in

United Arab Emirates

Other countries

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