Because we care,
we’re security aware

With Crunch your data is yours and remains safe and private. Our mission is to help you use it to make smart decisions about money everyday.


Crunch uses multiple layers of data security to protect and keep your personal information secure. You can also add a passcode or faceID/TouchID login for on-device added layer of security


Your data is encrypted at different levels and through different channels using TLS encryption. Crunch uses the latest in data-specific encryption to ensure we meet global financial security standards.


We keep all fetched data anonymized. None of your personal data is linked to you or your personal details. You can also set FaceID or Touch ID app access for added privacy


Crunch does not view, access or store your bank account credentials. Fetching data is done through third party providers highly regulated by authorities to provide a carbon copy of your account and transaction data

Because we care,
we're security aware.

Here are a few general tips we recommend to help keep you safe online.

Strengthen your passwords by including numbers, capital letters, and special characters. Keep your passwords safe; do not share them with anyone.
Double check and verify links. Don’t install apps or programs from unknown companies or developers and never share personal information online.
Use virus protection and a firewall while always ensuring your internet connection is secure. Keep your privacy settings on when using a public network or device.
Learn what you can do to help prevent identity theft and identify phishing attempts. Be careful what you post and who you meet online.
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